Friday, July 10, 2009

Hospitals attack physician-owned facilities

Having launched the week with gracious concessions to accept Medicare and Medicaid pay cuts for the sake of US healthcare, hospital organizations are now insisting on restrictions on physician-owned hospitals as part of the deal.

Traditional hospitals have long seen physician-owned centers as unfair competitors. (Here's a story with some history of the conflicts and new models for cooperation.)

But it's too bad, because what the healthcare world needs now is love sweet love. We need more integration, more cooperation, more information sharing, more seamless care -- and fewer grabs for power and cash.
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It's much too early to tell if these requirements will be built into final legislation, but the hospital lobbying groups are powerful. If you work in a physician-owned hospital or surgical center, it's time to start some lobbying of your own to prove the high quality, cost-effective care you deliver.
And, really, take the high road and show some love to your local hospital. It can work out well.

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