Monday, July 27, 2009

Hurdles to healthcare reform

Just as most people have ideas of how to fix the healthcare system, nearly everyone has thoughts on what’s standing in the way of real reform.

Time magazine today lists the five biggest hurdles to healthcare reform:
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1. Curbing costs – Skyrocketing costs were a major justification for the overhaul, but Democrats on Capitol Hill are instead struggling to find ways to save money in the long run.

2. Raising revenue – While much of the reform would be paid for by fines, reduction in Medicare payments, and corporate and foreign tax changes, there’s still a shortfall that needs to be funded and several options are being floated.

3. Coverage questions – How do add coverage for nearly 50 million uninsured Americans? Enter the controversial public plan or the proposal to broaden Medicaid guidelines.

4. Personal touch – President Obama has left the details up to Congress, and some say he isn’t offering enough guidance. Health reform needs stronger involvement from the White House.

5. Public perception – Americans are growing more and more skeptical that Obama can implement reform in the next four years.

Surely, the list could go on. Last year, we explored our system’s biggest problems – and some fixes. What do you see are the greatest hurdles?

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