Friday, August 21, 2009

Health reforms doctors want

Last week on this blog, Bob Keaveney asked you what your plan was for fixing healthcare. A few of you weighed in, and no doubt many more have your own thoughts on what to do.

In fact, we asked this question in our first-ever Great American Physician Survey. The story and results from the survey will run in our October issue, but for the September issue's The List, we thought we'd give you an idea of what physicians said when asked "What health reforms would you like to see?"
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By far the most frequent response was tort reform, followed by financial incentives for young docs and quality-of-care initiatives.

We also received dozens more suggestions for reforms, from narrowing the pay gap between primary-care docs and specialists to creating a national electronic health record system. Some called for the government to get out of medicine completely; others want a sing-payer system.

There were also a few cheeky responses:
- "Offer rewards for patients who actually follow my advice."
- "Bring humanity back."
- "Put a leash on the insurance companies."

Click here to read our list of 10 health reforms, and please comment below about some of the health reforms you would like to see.

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