Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poll: Most docs want public option

A majority of physicians – 63 percent – would support a health reform plan that included a public option and traditional private insurance, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

And just 27 percent would support a plan that doesn’t include the public option, and instead provides subsidies for low-income residents to buy private insurance. Nearly 60 percent of docs also support expanding Medicare to people between the ages of 55 and 64.



  1. I don't see the same statistics - rather I see opposite view (although most doctors I know are in private practice - maybe the reason why - they are small businessmen as well)- they understand better the low reimbursements in medicare (or public option)will not sustain their practice to survive. I was employed before...I never really cared for the financial stuff. Obviously 27% oppose if no public option because of the "subsidies" for low income residents - its a giveaway - and likely won't curb cost/more likely increase it. Annal of internal medicine had similar stats - however when broken down- most subspecialist oppose vs. primary care.

  2. In 1994- 40% of U.S. doctors were in solo or small 2 person practices. In 2005 this went down to 32%. Most have joined up with other bigger practices or closed. I think most Doctors nowadays (most employed) - do not realized the impact of the public option to their salary - especailly since this will likely become single -payer in the future. Soon all will have to be employed. Is this a trend that inevitable anyways? When I asked my hospitalist collegues, they seem to think it will not affect them in anyway. (I was a hospitalist as well before). Sadly, We will all be affected one way or another - (you employer will demand more productivity since reimbursement will be less with the public option/single payer - and thus may cause further deterioration in you patient care quality, and as well as your own life. OR they will ask a pay cut on your salary.