Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama rallies physicians for reform

It was a sea of white coats Monday in the White House Rose Garden as President Obama hosted a photo op with 150 doctors from around the country.

“Nobody has more credibility with the American people on this issue than you do,” Obama told the doctors, saying the “people who are most supportive of reform are the very medical professionals who know the health care system best.”
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Doctors surely see the need for reform every day. Obama noted, “They’ve seen far too much of the time they want to devote to taking care of patients spent filling out forms and haggling with insurance companies about payments. These doctors know what need to be fixed about our health care system and they know what health insurance reform will do.”

Besides taking a few minutes to reiterate what is in the proposals coming out of congressional committees, Obama was rallying support from the medical community. Last week, his campaign network Organizing for America, started raising money for doctor-themed ads.

A June poll found that almost 75 percent of Americans said they trust doctors to recommend the right course for reform, according to Politico. And Obama is counting on docs to speak out in support.

But clearly, not everyone in the healthcare community supports his plans, and there doesn’t seem to be consensus on what health reform should look like. In our own Great American Physician survey, we found most docs agree the system needs fixing, but the solutions varied.

What do you think of Obama's approach to rally physician support?


  1. i am self employed and cannot wait to see if the public option is still a possibility. at the minimum, am hoping that costs get reduced drastically, and really do not understand why this country continues to allow allows a middleman that does not bring any value to the table(i.e insurance companies) to stand between me and my doctors !

  2. I agree with you Ashley. I am also self-employed and can only afford AARP. I normally negotiate the balance of the bill with the physician during the visit. I am hoping for affordable healthcare, and I think a public option will do that. I've worked for insurance companies for 12 years and have seen it all.

  3. What are you two "settling" for a public option??? We need single payer health care!