Thursday, March 18, 2010

Match Day nostalgia

OK, Practice Notes readers, this post really requires your contribution.

On Kevin MD's blog, Brian Eule wrote about Match Day (which is today), the third Thursday of March when the nation's graduating medical school students find out to which residency program they have been matched.

Eule writes: "Much of the future of their field will remain unknown, as the country works through health care reform. But for the country’s newest class of doctors, today will give them a little more information as to their futures as doctors."

I'd like to invite you to recall and share your Match Day experience here. What was the process like at your school? How did you feel?

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  1. MedPage Today noted that there was an increase in primary care placements:

    "But there was also good news in primary care -- which has suffered from declining interest in recent years. There was a 9% increase in the number of U.S. medical school seniors who sought positions in family medicine residency programs, along with a 3% increase in internal medicine, and a 2% increase in U.S. seniors matching to pediatrics."

    Full article here: