Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From MGMA: What are you waiting for?

If you haven't invested in an EHR, what are you waiting for?

It's a question that has come up several times here at the MGMA annual conference in Denver, so I thought I'd post it in hopes that readers might weigh in.

Some say it's fear of cuts to Medicare reimbursement, which leave practices unsure about their revenue. Others say it's a confusion and anticipation over what EHRs will qualify for federal incentives under the stimulus package. And then there's the healthcare reform push in Washington, which seems to change by the minute, leaving practice anxious about how they will be affected.

I imagine it's several reasons, but I am interested to hear what is keeping you from taking the plunge.


  1. I tried Practice Partner (?) back around 1987 for my psychiatric practice after carefully assuring myself it would do everything I needed. It took only a few weeks to discover that it was not up to the job. Since then I have used a combination of contact mgt. apps, MSWord, and Dragon, and have been able to customize them to do what I want. My billing software runs on an old DOS machine.

    I hope to retire before I have to buy another EHR.

  2. I read in my research that HSS (Health and Human Services) will have a final report in January 2010 of which systems meet the criteria for "qualified systems." The CCHIT will, of course, play a role in certifying systems as well. We are ophthalmology, and I don't believe CCHIT covers specialties yet- nor do they take customer service or ease-of-use into account.

    All of these factors make it a rocky terrain when making a big investment that will make a remarkable impact on daily operations... that's very daunting!!! And that's my two cents.

    Cathryn McQuaig-Smith, ABOC
    Practice Director
    Family Eye Care Associates of Milledgeville