Monday, October 12, 2009

One practice's experience with in-office drug dispensing

Practices are always looking for ways to boost revenue. What about in-office medication dispensing?

For one family practice in Anchorage, Alaska, acting as a sort of pharmacy has paid off big time with patient satisfaction, said practice manager Cindy Tollefsen, speaking during a session at the MGMA conference in Denver. And the idea is it will eventually bring in additional income.
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It took a lot of work, though. There was a lot of planning, as the practice worked out security issues (they redesigned the office), staffing (hired a full time staffer), marketing. But the result has been cheaper drugs and happy patients, Tollefsen said.

The practice is just breaking even on it how, which she attributed to a way-too-big initial order. They have too much stock right now that they can’t move. But there’s a huge value in the patient satisfaction, she said.

What do you think? Would that be possible for your practice? Worth the investment and effort?

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